7 Reasons to Weatherstrip Your Garage Door This Winter


As winter sets in, homeowners often find themselves facing the challenge of keeping their homes warm and cozy while combating the chilly drafts that can seep through doors and windows. One effective and budget-friendly solution to enhance winter comfort is weatherstripping. This article explores why weatherstripping during winter is a smart and economic move for…

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Maintaining Your Garage Door is the Secret to Saving Money on Bills in Winter


As winter temperatures begin setting in, homeowners nationwide are preparing for the inevitable spike in their energy bills. While you may have already taken measures to insulate your windows, seal any drafts, and upgrade your heating system, there remains one commonly overlooked secret to saving money on your energy bills during colder months: a properly…

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3 Things to Consider About Your Garage Door’s Insulation

For nearly a third of the year (or more), the possibility of sub-freezing temperatures is a daily reality for most of the Midwest. While modern living accommodations have done wonders to keep us comfortable all year long, there are still a few ways in which cold air makes its way into homes. You wouldn’t consider…

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