6 Reasons to Prioritize Mulching This Spring

Each change of season brings a specific combination of sights, sounds, and smells. While the scent of fresh mulch may not be particularly pleasant to some, it symbolizes that spring has arrived in all its glory.

Most individuals can appreciate the aesthetics of dark, richly-colored mulch laid around trees and in flower beds. Still, few understand how important it is to the success of the plants they encompass. This article will explain why this annual rite should be at the top of your to-do list this spring.

1.     Mulch Helps Plants Retain Moisture

It’s not breaking news to report that when it rains, plants grow. But that doesn’t mean all flower beds benefit equally from an early-April downpour. A fresh layer of mulch not only keeps moisture in the soil, thus preventing quick evaporation but also helps reduce runoff.

By one expert’s estimate, mulched soil retains up to 70% more water than un-mulched soil. Not only does this mean your plants will get more nourishment each time it rains, but it also means you’ll have to water them less often. A win-win!

2.     It Regulates Soil Temperature

Midwesterners need no reminder that spring weather can be all over the map. Over the course of a few hours, temperatures can rise or fall more than 20 degrees. Not only does this make it challenging to find an appropriate outfit for the day, but it also wreaks havoc on your plants.

In the spring, plants are more sensitive than in the summer – a season in which they’ve already been growing strong for several months. A thick layer of mulch helps your plants remain stable throughout even the most significant temperature fluctuations. Consider mulch as an HVAC system for your garden – it keeps things tolerably warm when it’s cold and prevents plants from burning up when the summer heat arrives.


A layer of fresh mulch provides numerous benefits to your plants.

3.     Stops Nutrients from Leaching

Soil that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium provides the ideal environment for plants of all sizes. Unfortunately, over time, these nutrients will begin to “leach.” This means the nutrients will move from the root zone into the soil below, which leaves them unavailable to plants who could benefit from their presence.

Mulch helps slow the leaching process by adding another layer for the “NPK” nutrients to move through before they reach lower soil zones. The result is that your plants will have more access to these vital components for longer.

4.     Encourage Friendly Insects

You may not want insects in your home, but you should absolutely want (some of) them in your garden! Mulch can deter certain harmful insects by encouraging spiders to visit your plants to feed on potentially unwanted pests in your flower bed.

5.     Weed Reduction

Nobody wants to spend their weekend removing weeds from places they shouldn’t be growing. Not only do weeds add extra work to your to-do list, but they also look bad while taking valuable water and nutrients from the plants you’re trying to grow.

To take full advantage of the benefits laid out above, make sure you’re spreading mulch evenly across the area and maintaining a consistent depth. This will prevent the weeds seed that already exists from germinating in your new layer of soil.

6.     It Looks Great!

A fresh layer of mulch is the perfect finishing touch on any well-manicured outdoor space. Of course, the contrast of darkly-colored mulch and bright green plants and multicolored flowers creates a strikingly-beautiful display, but it also sends a message that you care about your property!

If you want your yard and landscaping features to be the envy of the neighborhood (and come on, who doesn’t?!), make sure you dedicate a weekend to applying mulch to the areas that need it.

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