3 Things to Consider About Your Garage Door’s Insulation

For nearly a third of the year (or more), the possibility of sub-freezing temperatures is a daily reality for most of the Midwest. While modern living accommodations have done wonders to keep us comfortable all year long, there are still a few ways in which cold air makes its way into homes.

You wouldn’t consider your garage fully “inside,” but it should protect your home from the elements. This article will cover the importance of having a well-insulated garage door and explain how this investment can save you money in the long run.

garage door in winter

It’s Your Home’s First Line of Defense

Believe it or not, the temperature inside your garage impacts the temperature inside your home. So if the temperature in your garage is the same as outside, it provides you with little-to-no insulation benefits. On the other hand, even a minor difference – for example, a garage that stays 10 degrees cooler on hot days or 10 degrees warmer on cold days – can translate to significant energy savings.

Most garages don’t have climate control features, so it’s crucial to insulate the space to keep the elements out. As you’d expect, the garage door is the place most likely to have insulation vulnerabilities. Raynor, our garage door supplier at Bushelman, offers a range of insulated products that stop extreme temperatures before they get into your space. They utilize the latest technology for an efficient insulation design that looks as good as it performs.

A Good Seal Is Crucial

Over time, nearly all garage door seals will wear down. Due to hundreds (or more) of open/close cycles and constant exposure to the weather, gaps in your seal will inevitably form. This can lead to significantly reduced protection from extreme temperatures and water via rain or melted ice, depending on where your seal is compromised.

The good news is that fixing a damaged seal is relatively easy and inexpensive. Known as “weatherstrips,” these rubber components are worth their weight in gold when it comes to maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature in your garage. Most importantly, the protection it offers can help lower your energy bill because you won’t be dealing with a source of extreme hot or cold directly attached to your home.

Winters can be especially tough on your garage door’s seal, but Bushelman Supply is doing something about it. Throughout January, we’re making it more affordable to install a new weatherstripping product on your commercial or residential garage door(s) by offering 10% off ALL weatherstripping products. Mention this offer at the time of purchase to receive your discount!

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Understanding The “R” Value

In the construction industry, a term is used to rate and evaluate overall insulation effectiveness. In technical terms, the “R-Value” stands for the “effectiveness of insulation in stopping heat flow opposite of conductance.” Said more simply, it’s a measure of a material’s ability to prevent heat flow from one side to the other.

While the process of determining this number may sound complicated, it’s relatively straightforward to match up two products and figure out which is a better insulator. For example, the average building has an R-value of 20. However, this improves to R-35 after installing fiberglass insulation. It’s important to understand that although this number provides an easy way to compare insulation properties, this isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing your garage door. It’s also important to look at the materials.

Polystyrene – better known as Styrofoam – is the most common garage door insulator and comes in various densities. The highest-rated insulator, though, is polyurethane between two layers of steel. This compound closely resembles a liquid Styrofoam and therefore fills spaces more fully. In fact, some sources say that polyurethane reduces energy consumption by up to 40%.

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